Lauren Pfeifer

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Campaign Idea

There are germs everywhere. It’s not a news flash. What is a news flash is that you’re carrying around a petri dish in your pocket, that is, your smartphone.

Tagline | Wipe Out The Pocket Disease
        Lauren Pfeifer

Art Director
Fatema Dawoodbhoy

Apple iOS

Whoosh! will set up a partnership with a new Apple iOS update to remind everyone, if opted in, to clean their phones during different times of the day or week, depending on their preferred settings.

Out of Home

Whoosh! will be catching people in the most vulnerable, dirty places that they are on their phones. 

Audio Spots

Using Spotify and radio, Whoosh! can catch people on their way to work, or on their way home, to remind them that their phone is filthier than they thought.

Brand Extension

Whoosh! will be handing out free screen wipes when you go in to get your flu shot.

Bathroom Signs

Whoosh! will target corporate bathrooms directly to help foster social responsibilty. We want to keep everyone safe, and looking out for each other is the only way we can help society’s wellbeing. By seamlessly adding the words “and clean phone” into a familiar sign, direclty infiltrates your idea of clean.