Lauren Pfeifer

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Hello there.

I’m Lauren.

As the top of this website says, I’m a copywriter. But you came to my “me” page, so here’s me.


I love music, hence the endless vinyl references. (I made that .gif myself)
I love smooth, never crunchy peanut butter. Also, I believe it’s pronounced .gif not Jiff.

I think pickles are good, I have a thing for pretty colored leaves, and my rabbit’s name is Ollie. Yes, I use the oxford comma . Yes, I did spend money on matching hats. ︎︎︎

I’d love to chat. And if you agree with me, or don’t — that’s okay — there are ways to contact me and talk it out listed in my résumé that is conveniently downloadable, below.

See what I did there? :) 


If you want to talk, pick the route of communication you fancy. Bonus! My Spotify playlists. Because music is nice. :)