Lauren Pfeifer

                       WORK.             JOY.            ABOUT.
Hi! Me again.

Apologies for a bio on the longer end.
I didn’t have time to write something shorter.*

*I think Mark Twain said something like that first...

But, as the top of this website says,

I’m a copywriter.


I live in Brooklyn.
I love listening to music — I have quite an extensive record collection please ask me about it.
I love making people laugh, making content with my bunny (his name is Ollie), and pretty colored leaves.

Some more details about me if that wasn’t enough.

I use the oxford comma. I love drafting professional emails to everyone’s landlords when they get nervous — but please don’t ask me to write a birthday card for someone because I will suddenly forget everything I know about that person and my mind will go blank. 

Let’s have a proper chat.

H & G! (Hi and goodbye!)


Bonus! A link to my Spotify playlists. Because I want to subject everyone to my (what I think is superb) music taste.