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Copywriter | Creative Jukebox

You have come to a writer’s about page.
In advance, my apologies, I didn’t have the time to write something shorter.

Hello there.

I’m Lauren.

As the top of this website says, I’m a creative copywriter and have graduated from The University of Texas at Austin. I’m a Texas Creative alum and like most creatives these days, I have lots of thoughts, so it’s guaranteed I’m always working on something.

When I’m not putting words together in a way that blows your socks off, I’m listening to music, learning card games, and attempting to skateboard because that’s what cool people do.

I’d love to chat. If I strike your fancy, there are ways to contact me in my résumé that you conveniently have at your request to download below.

If you’re wondering what in the world “Creative Jukebox” is, here’s what I think it means.

Creative Jukebox | a creative writing machine running on music and caffeine that can expell writing and music recommendations on demand

︎ If you want to talk, pick the route of communication you fancy. Bonus content: My Spotify playlists... because why not? ︎