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Nissan “Powerfully Peaceful” — Lofi Girl

28th Annual Webby Winner | People’s Voice Winner, 2024 “Best Ads of the Internet“
Advertising, Media & PR Video Longform Ad

Named one of Fast Company’s Top 5 Ads of 2023

No, you read that right. I helped make a four-hour ad.

We found that this thing called "range anxiety" was keeping people from buying EVs, and Nissan wanted to eliminate that. So, we created an ad that ran for four hours — which is about the length of a cruise on Nissan’s EV — the ARIYA.

We took a huge risk hacking into a platform no one had tried to infiltrate before.

I mean come on, we’ve all seen how brutal YouTube comment sections are...

So we placed ourselves directly in front of the LoFi Girl YouTube Channel and matched their niche long-form content with our own.

Once people realized they were watching our lofi girl, and not the lofi girl they were orignally searching for, they weren’t even mad about it.

To quote the many YouTube comments, “Nissan understood the assignment.”

Executive Creative Director
David Banta

Group Creative Director
Basil Cowieson

Lauren Pfeifer

Art Director
Enrique Bosch

We understood it so well, that people in the comments were also telling us that we needed raises...

Here’s the full thing, in case you want to watch four hours worth of looping animations and zen lo-fi beats.

We planned everything from the tracks we chose and mixed down to every little easter egg planted in those four hours.